Here’s what you can do on this site:

Get Email Updates

Click the link above to get email updates on specific topic(s),  including: funding opportunities, trainings, resources for providers, researchers and consumers, and OA news.  This link will take you to the EMAIL UPDATES signup page.

Respond to OA Questions/Surveys

Click on the link above to respond to questions and surveys from OA and the California Planning Group (CPG).  This will also take you to our EMAIL UPDATES SIGNUP PAGE (or prompt you to change your preferences, if you have already signed up to receive email updates). Check the “Respond to OA Questions/Surveys” box. You do not have to subscribe to any Email Updates in order to respond to our questions or surveys.

Join or Initiate A Group Discussion

Click on the group tab to read and participate in the general discussion group. Membership to this group is subject to approval and requires that you first create an account on this site – NOTE:  This is separate and different the EMAIL UPDATES SIGNUP PAGE above. Other discussion groups of varying topics may be created by OA in response to perceived need.  However, if you feel that a new discussion topic would be appropriate, please use the “Send Recommendation/Request to OA” link below.

Send Recommendations/Requests to OA

Contact OA directly using the form on the contact page.  (NOTE:  OA will compile all recommendations and requests, along with OA responses/actions and distribute to the entire Advisory Network and CPG memberships monthly or quarterly, depending on the volume.)

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